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Default nVidia GPU Fan locked at 100%

Synopsis: eVGA GTS 250 video card got pulled from one of my Windows XP folding rigs. While folding, had eVGA Precision programmed to lock the card at 100% fan speed. The vid card now resides in a Win 7 x64 rig, and has defaulted to the 100% fan speed. Loading Precision and trying to turn the fan speed back to auto doesn't work, also tried Riva Tuner with the same effect.

Help: There are a few variables here, I guess for starters is there anything special I need to do in Win7/64 to get these fan tools to work? Or because I didn't place the vid card back into Auto Fan mode on it's native Windows XP machine; am i hooped? This is a strange problem

thanks in advance.

using nVidia Display Driver 258.96
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