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Yeah i guess there's no shortcut to heaven I've got a day off today and if you guys can help me I'll do it from the BIOS I'm pumped!!!

So let's recap what i have to do:

1)Locate my MoBo cmsos reset

2)Download Cpuz, real temp, Prime 95, Intel burn test.. What else?

3)Load optimized settings from the bios and reboot

4)Disable all the unused peripherals(pata, unsued sata ports and so on). Now.. Do I really need to disable all of the power saving features(which are nice to have i think) HT and TB as well?

5) Here is where i'm confused.. What does it mean isolate the bclock frequency lol.. What are the parameters that i have to tweak and how(in plain English if is possible)

I also read in that guide that asus MoBos display frequencies a little differently and "a little additional math from my side is required".. OMG i was really bad at math back in school Can you guys confirm that Asus have MoBos have problems to display the correct parameters?
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