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The C300 is indeed very fast. But for OS environments the SF drives are faster. Sequential file speed is all but useless a benchmark to use for a OS drive. It is a holdover from the HDD days where it was a quick and dirty way of comparing to hard drives two see which was "faster". Look at the low end numbers to get a better "quick n dirty" comparison.

On the low end the C300 is usually in the 70-80s range. The SFs are usually in the 80-90 range.
In the real world...I doubt you would notice the difference as both are FAST. But I would still take the SF as it is faster and for that odd time when it DOES matter...the extra speed will come in handy. ;)

TBH I wouldnt take EITHER controller based SSD for a non TRIM environment. They both get degraded way to fast and are not great at getting OUT of it.
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