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My System Specs


Originally Posted by bonanza2000 View Post
I figured that I would add a sound card after I made sure the sucker was working. I am sure that there will be more than a few hurdles in this build and I am not sure how much time it will all take. It might consume hours, days, weeks, (months!). The motherboard does support some sound off the back. What I can plug in the back I don't quite know yet since I haven't gotten my hands and head around it yet.

What are your recommendations for sound cards and speaker sets? Since I got a Blue ray player I am kind of looking forward to playing something on the 25 in monitor 1080p. I am a complete noobie with reguard to surround sound set up and how to do it right.
Your motherboard will support 7.1 at the least. It's pretty much plug and play. Just tell the driver software what kind of audio system you're using. (7.1, 5.1)
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