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My System Specs


Since ive personally owned an i5 750, i7 860, and an i7 920 setup I can say this much. Depending on your tasks, these setups can seem marginally different in terms of how fast it is. Gaming and day to day apps the i5 750 is overkill at stock, and they oc like crazy and the heat output isnt too bad due to lack of hyperthreading. The i7 860 wasnt much different at all in terms of speed until I ran GAITsim that require an extreme amount of cpu power, where the hyperthreading kicked in. i7 920 wasnt too much faster in terms of speed, but I did require the extra pci express lanes that the p55/h55 series lacked.(with the exception of NF200 p55 boards)
I couldnt think of something snarky or interesting to put here this time around.
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