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My System Specs


Differences between Bloomfield (9xx chips) and Lynnfield (7-8xx chips) go a little deeper than that.

If you're looking for details, I'd suggest Intel's website. They list processor specs in lists by i7, i5 and i3, etc. Bus speed goes from 4.8 to 2.5 GT/s in i7 when dropping from Bloomfield to Lynnfield. Lynnfield and Clarkdale (i5-6xx and i3) use the same 2.5 GT/s bus speed, but the cache size drops from 8GB to 4GB -- which makes sense because Clarkdale i5 use only two cores.

That said, Hyperthreading actually does exist on Clarkdale i5 chips. All i5 chips run four threads -- Lynnfield does it with four cores, while Clarkdale does it with two cores and Hyperthreading. For that matter, i3 chips use Hyperthreading.

i7: 4 or 6 cores (8 or 12GB cache), with Hyperthreading and Turbo Boost (Bloomfield OCs better but Lynnfield has better Turbo)
i5: Turbo Boost, 2 cores (4GB) with Hyperthreading (Clarkdale, i5-6xx) or 4 cores (8GB) without HT (Lynnfield i5-7xx)
i3: 2 cores (4GB), HT, no Turbo
Pentium: 2 core (4GB), no HT, no Turbo, small caches
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