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Default 9800 GX2 clock speeds and oc

This is from the Inquirer and they don't explicitely say where they got these results from as it would break NDA- The clock speeds are nothing too exciting and the according to them, the overclocking potential is disappointing. Might be a good opportunity for ATI to make some headway with the r780.

WE JUST GOT hard measured numbers on the Nvidia 9800GX2. There has been a lot of speculation on clocks and speeds, so here is what the one we have access to did.
The stock speeds will be 600/1000/1500MHz for core, memory and pixel shaders, but they OC a bit beyond that. With the broken OS, 64-bit edition, and an Intel quad, they score 14,4xx in 3DMark06 at default settings.
You can crank up the core frequency, but at least on the ones we have access too, memory goes all of a pittance higher, and shaders don't budge at all. If you push it as hard as you can go, you can just break 16K on 3DMark06.
With RS770/R780 on the near horizon, I would feel mighty twitchy right now if I was NV.
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