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Originally Posted by DokkRokken View Post
I own both NAD and Marantz receivers. I found the NAD to be slightly 'warmer' than the Marantz but then I've read others claiming the exact opposite. Audio is personal like that. Both brands offer simple, clean, classy sound, which will make you want to don a tweed jacket, sink into a book, and quietly reproach the 'unwashed masses' who insist upon 'surround sound.' :P
Ugh, I hate surround sound "enthusiasts" - they just like having more and more speakers, that's all.

Originally Posted by fishingfanatic View Post
Consider getting Cerwin Vegas. I own a pr of 1979 speakers. Had to get them refoamed in 2000 and they completely rebuilt the voice coils as well. They have always been a top notch system. Altec Lansing make great systems as well.

For a receiver, try Teac AG-790A AM/FM Stereo Receiver 200W RMS 4 RCA Inputs Black. less than $150 b4 tax, 200w. There are a lot of receivers to choose from.

The 2 speaker systems I recommended have been around forever and are used in recording studios.
Awesome, Thank you for your suggestions - I'll look into them.

I am actually an audio engineer, and I have lots of studio quality equipment. I just didn't want to spend 20 grand on near field monitors for my records; while I know they will sound amazing - I was hoping to keep the price down and pro-sumer audio is not my strong point as far as brands etc goes.
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