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At the time of the CM mouse review the "issue" was not blown out of proportion like it has been recently. I never had an issue with that mouse or would have mentioned it, and yes I do pick my mouse up of my mousepad during FPS'ers. I just dont wave it around while doing it. Up, over, down. Lifting way up and off the mouse pad slows this process down. More to the point, my Rat 7 actually does exhibit the tracking issue from time to time. Though it only started doing so after about a 140hrs of use, which even IF I had done a RAT 7 review for HWC means it wouldnt have been mentioned in anything but a passing fashion (basically "this sample doesnt seem to have it"). I am of the opinion that it more a issue with SOME and not all and is hard to test for on a given sample (unles it already HAS started exhibiting it). After all 140hrs or more of testing is not a reasonable expectation.

Anyways that is OT.

On topic. I like the short review format and enjoyed reading the review.
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