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Originally Posted by rjbarker View Post
^^ You got that right JM...thankfully I neve had to deal with the FF bug !!!

Not sure where your going with this Martin....I do know that Registered Board owners were recieving the new BIOS chips "free" from Evga (around $5 for shipping)....Jason would likely have to pay for it if it aint Registered...

Jason, either send an email to Evga / Support or go to the Evga / Forum / 780i Mobo and post....

EVGA nForce 7 Series

Include "Jacob...780i Bios Chip" in the Subject...or something like that.....could be kinda fun playing around with that Board and a soldering iron....
i called evga ,no chips available ..i told him i purchased mobo used...he will work ith me,,,if i can get a invoice he said np to rmaa...
honesty makes life easy i find,,,,i was 100% honest i bought mobo used....even tho wsnt registered in 30days..he says if i provided invoice board....
we are communicating via email now...wishh me luck

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