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My System Specs


Originally Posted by _dangtx_ View Post
specs please, the old girl might do fine. close to 400 watts on the 12v is plenty unless you want to run dual fermis(gf100)
asus M4A79XTD EVO
amd x4 635 w/ stock hsf
2x2gb kingston ddr3 1066
5 7200 rpm hds (2 80s in raid 0, 2 500gb, 1 1 tb)
3 x 120mm case fans
1 x 200mm case fan
evga 9800 GT
bfg 8800 gt oc2
usb 2 pci card (occasionally has a bus powered hd plugged in)
seasonic psu in photo above (it's been a workhorse for the last 5 years and 3 rigs)
win 7 ult.

will be getting - 3rd party hsf for OC from 2.9 to ~3.4
2x2gb more ram
3 port pci sata card (just a cheap one)

i *think that covers it*

other "bonus" issues besides not wanting to overtax the psu :

1) the dvd burner and one 500gb hd are IDE, but i can't get the computer to see both - it's an either or proposition - i've tried different cables, MS-SL, and CS.
2) hot swapped sata/usb/ram drives aren't given a drive letter - I have to manually assign in disk management - really annoying
3) firewire doesn't work - i've tried changing the drivers to legacy - nothing recognized.
4) the 8800 gt oc2 can only be used for 2d - it idles at 78 deg C, and goes over 105 in games - and that is with the fan at 100%. should I take it apart and replace the thermal compound?

5) i don't know how I'm supposed to manage cables in this antec 600. bottom mounted psu + 2 *single slot* gpus + ide make it a nightmare. 6 hds + optical + fans make it worse.
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