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Alas, one instance of P95 conked out at 50 minutes, so i'm back to the drawing board.

Dropped down to 9x multi to take the CPU out of the equation, & loosened up more of the subtimings around +2 each to see if that does anything.
Then if that works, it's the fun process of tightening each one up till i figure out which one was too tight...

And yes, rated RAM speed really means hasn't forever now anyway.

These DDR2-800 kits i have are equally as good as the DDR2-1000 Redlines.
I consider both the Redlines @ 500 MHz & these XP2s @ 400 MHz to be pretty much the exact same thing, since either kit can run DDR2-800 4-4-4 or DDR2-1000 5-5-5 (or higher, usually to at least DDR2-1100)
In my case, i don't think DDR2-1100 will happen, since running 4x2 GB is insanely hard on the NB & everything in general, but if i ripped out one of the kits & ran 2x2 GB, i'd be hitting much higher.
I might try clocking one 2x2 GB later to see how they do, but it's somewhat pointless for me since i want to run 8 GB anyway.
Based on clocking one kit on the P5B-D, i suspect i could hit DDR2-1120+ with just 2x2 GB on this better motherboard (or higher if i just wanted unstable screenshots...).

Nothing wrong with that G.Skill either, though i personally prefer the Mushkin brand due to support & what i'd like to think is better QC testing.

As for cooling the NB, yeah, before putting in this DFI, i actually had fans twist tied to the side of my case hanging down blowing air over the NB/RAM

Was pretty ghetto-tastic actually.
But i'd like to close this case eventually, so that won't do, & i don't feel like rigging that up again.

Old pic of the mess haha...

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