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My System Specs


Originally Posted by encorp View Post
These are manufactured by logitech so they will be compatible with logitechs software as Sky said.
Wrong, it is not compatible with Logitech's software. Setpoint does not detect it and the only way to access its full functionality is with the customized TactX-branded software.
Originally Posted by SKYMTL View Post
Can you expand on this a bit further? I don't keep my ear to the ground all that much when it comes to peripherals so what kind of sensor issues are you referring to which none of the reviewers picked up?
Search for problems with the Phillips Twin-Eye sensor. In a nutshell, picking up the mouse causes the cursor to jump down and to the left or right depending on how the mouse is designed, and on certain surfaces lifting the mouse a certain distance can cause the mouse to stop tracking for a moment. The other major problem I had was that rapidly clicking one of the mouse buttons caused the cursor to jitter around, making it difficult to aim precisely. I'm not sure if that was a problem with the physical design of the mouse or another sensor issue (people have reported similar cursor jitter issues with other Twin-Eye products like the Razer Lachesis), but either way, it was a nuisance.
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