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Originally Posted by Zero82z View Post
Case in point: I bought a Coolermaster Storm Sentinel Advance based on AkG's review. However, the two issues I had with the mouse that were severe enough for me to stop using it were things that he didn't mention at all in his review. If you do a little research, you can quickly find many examples of people having issues with the particular sensor used in that mouse. How many reviews did I read that discussed the sensor issues? None. These are the kinds of things that are very important to people who are actually using their mice, but most reviews either don't touch on them at all or only look at them briefly. These are the kinds of things that I would like to see in future reviews here.
Can you expand on this a bit further? I don't keep my ear to the ground all that much when it comes to peripherals so what kind of sensor issues are you referring to which none of the reviewers picked up?
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