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Originally Posted by Zero82z View Post
Huh? New members added? Mice, keyboards, and other gaming items? There have only ever been three different TactX-branded items; the mouse, the keyboard, and the headset.
Actually, for a short time in 2000 and again in 2002, Alienware released peripherals. Back at my parent's house, I still have an old Alienware mouse stored in a box somewhere. They will also be releasing new products in this line VERY....VERY soon.

Originally Posted by Zero82z View Post
Anyway, the glaringly obvious problem with this review is that you didn't do anything other than discuss the mouse's software and its physical features. This is a gaming mouse, which is naturally going to be used by people for gaming, and you didn't talk about its gaming performance at all, how well the sensor tracks, if there are issues at different DPI settings, whether or not the mouse is comfortable after long gaming sessions or if it gives you cramping or pain in your hand, etc.
I try not to discuss things that may very well be determined by aspects outside of my control.

Cramping: This is highly dependent on how th mouse is held and someone's preference towards a peripheral's ergonomics. I am a palmer but if I try to grip a mouse in a more claw-like fashion, I tend to cramp up. Some people may experience the opposite.

Sensor Tracking: Granted, more could have been discussed about this. My mistake. However, this also has a lot to do with the type of pad used I find. For the record (since I don't want to add anything to an already-published review), this mouse tracked well across both sides of a Func Industries 1030.

I am glad for the feedback since I will be the first to admit that this was more of a "trial" review for this format. This is why I decided to use an item I bought.
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