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Originally Posted by SKYMTL View Post
Their "TactX" family has seen new members added and in many cases the mice, keyboards and other gaming items under the brand
Huh? New members added? Mice, keyboards, and other gaming items? There have only ever been three different TactX-branded items; the mouse, the keyboard, and the headset.

Anyway, the glaringly obvious problem with this review is that you didn't do anything other than discuss the mouse's software and its physical features. This is a gaming mouse, which is naturally going to be used by people for gaming, and you didn't talk about its gaming performance at all, how well the sensor tracks, if there are issues at different DPI settings, whether or not the mouse is comfortable after long gaming sessions or if it gives you cramping or pain in your hand, etc.
Originally Posted by SKYMTL View Post
Why even download Setpoint when the software that comes with it IS setpoint....with a different skin?
Because some people (like me) might actually want to use this mouse alongside another Logitech mouse or keyboard that requires Setpoint to access its full functionality. I use a Logitech Mediaplay mouse connected to my main rig for media controls, and since Setpoint and the TactX software cannot be installed at the same time, if I want to use my TactX on this machine, I have to sacrifice the ability to use the TactX software. This means I can't edit profiles or DPI settings (the default profile only goes up to 3200DPI but the sensor can actually go up to 5000DPI), I can't customize the buttons, and I can't use the mouse wheel to scroll sideways. For me personally, the lack of those features isn't a problem (I use the mouse set to 1600DPI which is one of the presets, I use the default button layout, I don't care about sideways scrolling, and I don't use different profiles), but for people who do use those types of features, this can be a real problem.

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