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Originally Posted by Charloz24 View Post
a camera to monitor a system (grain dryer) when something is wrong there is a light that turn on, so I just want to be able to see I there is warning lights from my house LOL.
I think streaming video is a bit of an overkill, I'd look for a setup that's much more simple and doesn't require so much bandwidth -- basically all you need is a binary system that when the light goes on it'll cause something to send a RF signal to your house that will ring a bell or something.

If it's line of sight I'd simply run a light up a pole. I think some life preserver strobe lights are visible from at least 2 miles away.

If you want something high tech and fancy, you can rig up the light to trigger one of these home security alarm system that uses cellphone to call monitoring centers to call your cell/phone.

I'm sure there are also endless Rube Goldberg possibilities...
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