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Default Mushkin XP2-6400 (996580) 4x2 GB testing

I previously had a 4x2 GB mix of 4 GB of this Mushkin & the 4 GB G.Skill DDR2-800 5-5-5 PQ kit.
The G.Skill didn't clock nearly as well though, so it got relegated to use in my HTPC & i bought a second kit of the Mushkin.

My P5B Deluxe finally got retired into use in my HTPC as well; it had a good run, but it was showing its age & wasn't quite doing what i wanted it to.

So now i have a DFI UT P35-T2R + Q6700 + 4x2 GB Mushkin in the main rig.
Still learning the ropes on this DFI, so results could be better, voltages lower, & timings tighter, etc.
But for now i'm just getting the hang of tweaking things with it.

I will say this DFI is far better already for working with OCing, though it requires a lot more fine tuning.

Overnight i ran:
8 GB DDR2-1050 5-5-5-15 (7 hours P95 custom)

Now i tightened up perf. level to reasonable levels & am trying for something i can run for 24/7 use i hope.
TRFC is deliberately very loose; will work on that later.

8 GB DDR2-1080 5-5-5-15 in testing

NB & PWM get absolutely scorching, as can be seen in the first screenie, so i'm using the house fan to help a little for now :p, & will likely pick up the side panel for my case that has the 250mm fan on it; hopefully will help a bit.

So far i can't seem to use the 1333 MHz strap with this RAM; it seems to prefer the 1066 MHz strap, as it won't even boot at the speeds i can do with the 1066 MHz one, which seems kinda backwards to me.

But it's a fun learning process, & damn, this mobo's voltage & settings control blows away my old P5B-D.
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