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Well, just to add a litte more information:

My Laptop, which using windows XP (wireless connection to network) works just fine with the xbox 360. I had never before tried to enable media sharing on it yet, but once I did, it worked fine!

It still doesn't solve my problem though. I don't want to stream movies off my laptop, I want to stream movies off my main PC!

I wonder if I can troubleshoot this with microsoft somehow. I doubt that the XBOX support team woudl care, but maybe windows Vista support?

I guess what I need to figure out: Is the problem with the Xbox360, or with windows Vista.

Keep in mind, I had 2 vista machines that DID work (mine and my wifes), and they both stopped working at the same time.

I'm not sure what could have caused it. I may have brought my xbox to a friends house, but I dont' think that would cause these kinds of problems.

I'm wondering if it's a vista update that caused this issue?
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