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Default HTPC Can't play 1080p

As a remind its an AMD Phenoem 8520e Triple Core Processor with 2 GB of ram and the HD4200 onboard graphics card in the ASUS M4A785-M.

This evening i tried playing using VLC (don't have xbmc re-set up on it yet) Bon Cop, Bad cop 1080p version on my HTPC. Unfortunately it didn't work. The audio was played back just fine however the video was not showing up. I thought VLC had hardware acceleration on it or is it not that great and xbmc may run with my cpu and gpu better then vlc? Should i turn off cool and quiet (seems to drop down the CPUs a lot to save power/cuts their multi in half most the time) or do i need a dedicated gpu to get 1080p working on this thing? Overclocking the cpu isnt really an option as the most i can push it is from 1.9 to 2.0 as the motherboard or cpu wont go further then that (no NB voltage control and can only push cpu vcore to 1.25 which does nothing anyways)
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