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Originally Posted by headsh0t View Post
Winner winner, chicken dinner! I'm fine with windows taking 30 seconds to load instead of 10. I'll wait until I can get a 500gb SSD for <$200, at the least.
Originally Posted by Zero82z View Post
Basically just slower SSDs with more storage. You're not going to notice a difference most of the time as long as you already have a pretty fast machine.
Bah! Zero. YOU RUN AN SSD in your system. And don't tell me you don't like it, cause it's listed in your build.

Besides, last time I checked boot and load times WERE real world. They sure are not synthetic benchmarks; thats for sure.

I've -always- ran my os on it's on boot drive, with another drive set up for my page file and other swap/temp folders and another drive set up for software/games and yet another for storage.

So replacing a 640gb drive with a 120.0 60gb SSD is completely worth it.

I'll boot and load faster..and since the only computers do is boot up and then read and write to memory and drives - there's no reason not to.

I love when computer enthusiasts are unenthusiastic :P
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