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Default i7 980x, trying for 4.4GHz

Hi guys, I'm trying to OC my i7 980x just for kicks. Below are my settings for a bootable 4.2GHz. I've done a run of Cinebench, but no stability tests yet. For these settings, I have CPU voltage: 1.30V and QPI: 1.21875V. Is QPI the same thing as VTT?

I've tried CPU Voltage = 1.33750V
QPI = 1.31875V
which got me a bootable 4.4GHz. I tried running a Cinebench run for fun, and I noticed that it throttles the CPU frequency down a LOT, like 3.5GHz sometimes. Is this because these frequencies at my given voltages are not stable, so the system throttles down to keep from rebooting?

This is one of the questions I'm most curious about: Is it better to go with low BCLK's and high multipliers, high BCLK's and low multipliers, or a medium amount of both? The screenshot below shows my 4.2GHz OC with 100 BLCK and 42x multiplier. Looks kind of funny lol
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