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Originally Posted by Jake_HT View Post
The XFX and Corsair power supplies both use Seasonic internals.
The TX750 is made by CWT, not Seasonic. Completely different design from the (far superior) XFX PSU.

Regarding your suggestions, the PCP&C Silencer lines (including the MKII models which are actually worse than the originals) are not worthy of recommendation any more, and I would say the TX750 is not either, given that it is an old inefficient design and nowadays it's not hard to find better PSUs that are priced similarly or even lower.
Originally Posted by _dangtx_ View Post
the xfx doesnt have top end protection, from what i remember on a few discussions for it here.
It does have protection. The 850W model has a minor design flaw where in a specific and unlikely scenario the protection may not trigger soon enough and the PSU will fail, but the chances of someone actually encountering that flaw are basically zero.
Originally Posted by Soultribunal View Post
Jake, the TX series (with the exception of the 950W) is Seasonic, but the HX750/850 are DSG Channel Well Technologies units (still amazing).
The only Seasonic-made TX PSU is the TX650. All the other ones are made by CWT.

To answer the OP's original question (which so far, nobody in this thread has been able to successfully do), the better choice out of those two PSUs is the XFX. It is much more efficient, has more power available through its +12V rail, is modular, uses a newer design, and performs better in just about every aspect.
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