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My System Specs


I'm the one who brought those issues to Tzetsin's attention. I own the Sentinel Advance, and while I really like some of the features, the sensor issues were a real dealbreaker. Regarding the cursor jumping issue, the mouse doesn't have to be raised very much at all. Simply picking it up to reposition it will trigger the problem. There is also another issue with some mousepad surfaces that causes the sensor to become unresponsive for a short while after the mouse is lifted, but I never experienced that.

The biggest issue I had was actually that the mouse was slightly unstable and didn't sit flat on my pad, so rapidly clicking one of the buttons would cause the cursor to jitter around a bit. That made it extremely annoying when I was gaming and trying to aim at a small target, or even in general use when I tried to click on something small. I ended up buying an Alienware TactX mouse on sale for $40, and I found that to be a much better mouse. I also bought a Logitech G500, which uses the same sensor as the TactX but has a different shape, and I find that it fits my hand much better, but for gaming I can aim a little easier with the TactX. Right now I'm experimenting with using the G500 for general use and the TactX for gaming, and it's working pretty well for me so far.

As far as a specific recommendation, I would recommend the TactX, G500, or G9x depending on pricing and how you like to hold your mice. If you use a palm grip (which I would surmise based on the fact that you now have an MX518), you'll probably like the G500 the most. I personally use a palm grip and I find it to be the most comfortable mouse I've ever used, even more so than the MX500/700/900/510/518/etc. shape. The Sentinel Advance is also designed for a palm grip, but I find that it's a bit too small for my liking and doesn't fit my hand perfectly, which the G500 does.

If on the other hand you like to use a claw grip (meaning that your palm floats above the mouse and you hold it with your fingers), the TactX or G9x would be the best option. The two mice are nearly identical, with the differences being that the TactX doesn't have customizable grips or weight and it has a slightly different body shape. I don't have much experience using the G9 or G9x, but what I hear from other people is that the TactX is more comfortable than either of the default grips that come with the Logitech-branded mice. The real issue is that the TactX is sold for $100. If you wait, you'll probably be able to snag it for $40 or $50 on sale at some point, but if you want something right away, then you'd be better off getting the G9x since it's typically sold for a much lower price.

Quick summary: Don't get the Sentinel. If you use a palm grip, go G500, and if you use a claw grip, get a G9x or TactX depending on what the prices are at the time you make a purchase.

If you have any questions, feel free to fire away. I have all three mice with me so I can probably tell you anything you'd like to know.
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