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Chiming in as a long time Logitech user and now the owner of a Sentinel.

The Good:

-Looks nice
-Very high DPI and polling rates, the package does not lie
-Fully configurable up, down, and sideways
-Nice crisp buttons and accurate scroll wheel (really feels nearly perfect)
-Good build quality
-Very comfortable
-Solid drivers out of the box

The Bad:

-Flaky software package under Windows 7 generally unintuitive UI
-Driver/ software updates provided in .iso format
-Iffy customer support? I've never dealt with cooler Master

I've had the Sentinel Since November 2009, and aside from the flakiness I really have nothing bad to say about it. Even with the flakiness of the software, unless you are a compulsive tweaker, you can really just set it and forget it.
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