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Delavan, it's good you stuck to your guns and let's hear some applause for the rest who didn't back down and tried to get a fair return or RMA done. That might help others in the future who have to do a RMA. If they know that customers know their cards and what's fair, they might be more careful what they send back? Yeah, right... but, you can hope!
Thanks dude.

I didn't wait and bought that HD5770 on sale for the kid...

But all-in-all, it still make me re-consider the whole "buy lifetime warranty only". Look at Also, I'm having issues with EVGA products here..I had high expectations...The truth is that they'll always replace the card with one of the same basically if a $90 replacement card performs as much as your flagship card from 3 years ago, that what you're getting. On top of that, you pay for shipping to them.
Good enough if the replacement card LASTS...if not, the second shipment fee would make the whole RMA thing almost irrelevant.
They don't usually care that you payed $600 for let's say a 8800 ULTRA. There is a good chance that a GTS250 performs the same...So, unless you argue with them, you're getting the cheap 1 for 1 refurb...
I my situation, getting a G80 as replacement for a G80 is the downer...those G80 seem tired....too much folding? Hopefully, the Fermi GTX470 and 480 owners won't suffer from premature failures due to heat...remember the G80 was toasty when It came out too.

I can't wait to get that GTX260 core 216 (now a backup card), I've been lucky to get that and a free shipping tag..oh package is held at a pain.

I can say that all phone conversations with eVGA, emails and tickets were answered quickly and they had a solution. so EVGA still rules...
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