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Default New i7 or wait

Hey everyone, I built my current system (Q6700 @ 3.8 and GTX 260 sli) in December 08, and now have a buyer for my parts. I'm considering upgrading to an i7 950 (I found it at a store for $250 with tax) and pairing that with a GTX 470, an ASUS P6X58D, and 6 GB of Corsair Core i7 Dominator RAM and eventually adding another 470/6GB of RAM. I know this mobo supports the hexacore i7s, so I could upgrade if I needed, but it doesn't seem like games (primary use for this PC) will really use them for a while. Nevertheless, should I wait until next year for new Intel CPUs/nVidia cards, or should I go for this setup now. Any recommendations/info would be helpful.


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