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My System Specs


Originally Posted by Jake_HT View Post
The XFX and Corsair power supplies both use Seasonic internals. Therefore they're both quality PSU's..

One's I'd reccomend are:

Corsair TX750
Corsair HX 750 (modular)
Pc Power & Cooling Silencer 750W (or Mkii)
XFX 750W (modular)
Seasonic X750 (modular)
Seasonic M12D 750 (modular)
Silverstone Strider Plus 750W (modular)

You don't necessarily need single rail, although it is a personal preference of many.. myself included.

Get whatever's on sale from the list above, you'll have a great PSU..

And, are you sure you need 750W? Post your system specs, marketing claims have people thinking they require more power than they actually do... most dual video card setups can be run just fine off a quality 650W PSU, and any single card setup definitely can.
Just a few minor Corrections,

First @ Dan, the XFX units are very solid (black editions) so there is no worries if he wants to get an XFX as its an M12D which is very good.

Jake, the TX series (with the exception of the 950W) is Seasonic, but the HX750/850 are DSG Channel Well Technologies units (still amazing).

All the ones in your list are solid, and there is one suprise as well, NZXT's newest PSU the HALE90's are Superflower units that passed their JohnnyGuru Tests with flying colours.
So a NZXT unit would be a solid choice to go with as well, so long as they are HALE.


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