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My System Specs


the price difference on these cpu will be mainly on the cost of the entire system. socket 1366 motherboards are more expensive, and a 3 channel memory kit is more expensive then a dual channel kit of the same ram. Also, i'm not sure about where they got that info about the ram speed... both platforms can use ddr3 up to way faster speeds than 1333... I myself use ddr3 1600 and you can use ddr3 2000 on a 1366 motherboard if you want to. you need to look at what your motherboard can take..

So the i7 860 (for exemple) on the socket 1156 should perform as well as an I7 930 on the 1366 platform, beside the fact it has less ram.

Belong to me, it's all on what you intend to use your build for and all about the budget. If you plan to SLI or CrossFireX, I'dd go with 1366... but for a basic gaming build with only one GPU (or 2 lower end GPU that won't go over PCI-e bandwidth) 1156 should do it. and 4Gb ram is plenty for a normal gaming build.
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