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Default Ram decision help

Looking to build a new computer and wanting to purchase ASUS M4A89GTD PRO. Question that I am not sure of is the memory.

On my last build 4 years ago didn't have the option to put 3 slots in and now I see that memory is sometimes like 3 x 2 GB.

Will it run in dual channel if it uses 3 DIMM slots or will it revert to single channel.

AND is using 2 paired slots better than using 3 slots. EX: 4 x 2GB rather than 3 x 2 GB.

PLUS: Do faster timing REALLY make a huge difference in that - WILL I SEE a huge difference between 9-9-9-24 compared to 8-8-8-27 lets say.

Thanks for your replies which will greatly inlighten my bulb!!!

OOPS forgot, is there a huge difference between DDR 1333 - 1600 -1800 in a day to day use and gaming or will I see not difference in that these higher numbers are only better for overclocking

André from Quebec
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