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Originally Posted by Delavan View Post
Thanks for the support.
I got a phone call from UPS the border in the direction from Canada to the States. Retarded. They were asking for what was in the box and where was it made...I'm like...hey, you've been hired to ship this. You got shipping labels all made up and pre-paid by EVGA, you know who hired you, and declarations were all made up like they always are by EVGA, and you must be dealing with that company on a daily's a freaking graphics card (computer part), it's a freaking RMA (do a one for one exchange of a defective lifetime-warrantied item for another one that works and it's probably made in Taiwan like every other piece of electronics out there...NOT IMPRESSED.

But hey, I've been warned by some of you guys...anyway, by the look at the tracking page, they were happy with the explanations...I deserve a good laugh...

oh man made my day. unless youre screwing with us lol.
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