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My System Specs


All NICs support jumbo frames? And the switch/router? I believe jumbo frames can be pretty finicky since most devices don't support the same size/method. I'd try without jumbo frames and see how it does.

I get around 40% utilization on my Server 2008 R2 Enterprise to Windows 7 desktop over a gigabit LAN (no jumbo frames). 2x Intel Gigabit CT NICs in the server, configured for load balancing, and a single onboard Marvell LAN in my desktop. That's to my desktop's RAID5, so about 50MB/s. If I transfer from server to my SSD, it runs at ~110MB/s and thus 100% utilization. Basically reading from server, writing to desktop.

So I think it really depends upon your drive speeds. To saturate a gigabit LAN, you need at least 100MB/s (read and write depending on which way you're transferring) from your hard drives.
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