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Default Windows Home Server Vail Throughput

Anyone care to share their experience with WHS Vail?

Just upgraded my desktop and the old system (E8500/4GB) will be used as WHS. Was thinking of going with v2 but I'm getting very low throughput from the system with Vail. I tired both WHS versions (out of box configs) on the system -- Vail was giving me 5-10 seconds peaks at 90-100% followed by long periods (minutes) in the weeds (<10%), whereas v1 gives more frequent 90-100% peaks with trough in the 20-30% -- a kind of "saw tooth" trace.

This is with Gbit lan and 7K jumbo frames, the only difference is Vail was using AHCI and v1 was in IDE-mode, everything else is identical.

Comments? I know Vista/WS2008 added a bunch of new TCP/IP options but I've only just started to switch over to W7 from XP based OS so don't really know much about them, anyone know if tuning will help improve Vista based OS' throughput?
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