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My System Specs

Default SMP install guide for Folding @ Home

Please note: as of January 2012, you will need a 16 core/thread computer to run bigadv. Please only use the bigadv flag outlined below after January 2012 if you have a computer capable of 16 threads.

Here's a very simple guide to setting up the SMP folding client.

There are 3 requirements for running version 6.34 of the SMP client.
1. You must have a recent dual core processor, and a quad core is highly recommended.
2. Use the -smp or -smp # switch in the command line at all times(where # is the number of cores you wish to dedicate i.e. -smp 7).
3. Use the big setting when configuring the client.

Create a folder for installation. For Vista and 7 users C:\Users\{yourname}\FAH is recommended to avoid permission issues. If you're still running XP, use C:\FAH. Do not use C:\ProgramFiles\FAH.

Download the client here: and extract to your new directory.

It's suggested you rename your executable file to something easier to type like fah6 instead of Folding@home-Win32-x86.

To configure the client, you must run the command prompt with administrator privileges. In XP, type cmd in the run box while using an account with administrator privileges. In Windows 7, click Start, type cmd, right-click on the cmd.exe in the menu and select Run as Administrator.

From the command prompt, change to your FAH directory by typing cd C:\Users\{yourname}\FAH or cd C:\FAH. Then type fah6 -configonly -smp

Here comes the fun part, all the questions and options. The default option is shown by the client in square brackets, like [no]

Username: Your name here
Team Number: 54196
Passkey: (Required for bonus points, available here: Folding@Home )
Ask before fetching work [no]: No
Use a proxy [no]: No, unless you know you are using one, then enter the info
Acceptable size of work units [normal]: big You must use big to get SMP work units
Change advanced options [no]: yes
Core priority [idle]: idle If you are running GPU clients as well, you should set them for low when configuring them
CPU Usage 5-100 [100]: 100
Pause if battery power is being used [no]: no
Interval in minutes between checkpoints 3-30 [30]: 5 or 10
Memory in MB to indicate available: Hit enter to use max memory. SMP requires a minimum of .5 GB per core.
Set -advmethods flag always [no]: yes
Ignore any deadline info [no]: no
Machine ID 1-16 [1]: 1 is fine if you are only running the SMP client. This number must be different for each client running on the same machine.
Launch automatically, install as a service [no]: no
Disable CPU affinity lock [no]: no
Additional client parameters[]: -smp
IP address for viewer []: enter.

Whew, configuration done. Now, create a shortcut to your renamed fah6.exe.

Drag the shortcut to your desktop and double click the shortcut to start SMP folding. Welcome to the HWC folding team!

But what about BIGADV, I hear you cry? Can't I get more points with that? Yes, you can, but there's some more requirements. You'll need an overclocked CPU with 8 cores visible to windows, which means an i7 860 at 3.5 GHz minimum with HyperThreading turned on in the BIOS, or an i7 920 at 3.4 GHz or higher with HT turned on in the BIOS.

If you don't know what HyperThreading or HT is, I respectfully suggest you stop now and be happy with your SMP folding rig.

Still here? OK. You'll have to already have a passkey, and have folded 10 A3 core units (SMP or -bigadv) in order to receive bonus points for -bigadv units. I'd highly suggest running the SMP until you have returned 10 units, as that will only take days instead of weeks.

Assuming you already have your SMP setup done as shown above, run cmd as an administrator, change to your FAH directory, and run with -configonly option.

Now hit enter until you see:

Change advanced options (yes/no) [no]: Type "yes"

Hit enter again until you see:

Set advmethods flag always ..... [no]: Type "no" If you don't type no here, you will NEVER get -bigadv units

Hit enter again until you see:

Additional client parameters []: Type "-smp -bigadv"

Hit enter until the client exits.

Run your shortcut from the desktop. If your client was already working on a SMP work unit, it will finish it before trying to download a -bigadv unit. Be forewarned, the -bigadv units typically take up to 45 minutes a frame, and up to 4 days to complete. The faster they are completed, the bigger the bonus and the higher your PPD will be.

Now that you have your SMP client running, go to this thread to see how to see up It will calculate your PPD including the bonus for early completion of units. How to set up HFM.NET and FahMon to monitor Folding@home progress. Now with videos.

*Further options/pictures/clearer grammar will be edited in as I experiment and have time.

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