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Default TP-LINK TD-8840T with torrent and port forwarding

first of all, connect it to power, wait for the lights to stabilize then hook it up to your rj-45 cable. go to and type.when asked admin for username and admin for password

now go to the firmware update page : maintenance:firmware . here you will click the first option, and point it to the file that you have downloaded from tp-link @ Download . make sure you download the right firmware for the right version.

once that is done, run setup wizard with your choices depending on your connection type. after which, go to Interface Setup and click on internet. here you have to make the choices, for me its vc2 since its preselected to vpi 0 vci 35 since im in quebec and use teksavvy(PPPoA/PPPoE). you may also want to go to the next 'tab' called lan(always in interface setup) and you may want to limit the ip's given, just in case.

it's a good idea to have the firewall on (advanced:firewall) and upnp as well (access mamangement:upnp) since it will configure automatically(or rather the programs) acess to the web, and such.

now, if you use bittorrent like i do, you may want to port forward.

first of all, go to advanced setup:nat. here enable it, use single or multiple ips, and then go to the configuration table (link says Virtual Server) and add your ip address, protocols, and ports(must be the same) and save it. there you go, job done.

as always, if you have any questions, reply here or drop me a pm.


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