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My System Specs


There's always new stuff around the corner... If you're saying they will stop selling the gtx 400 series when new stuff comes out, then I might wait, but otherwise i'll just get my sli getting on for cheap in a few months

Nevermind, the $300 price for the CPU was on newegg US site not cad... Although NCIX is having a sale on it for $310 if i buy it soon, and then I can get the rest in a week or so.

I saw that the haf 922 was only $5 cheaper compared the the 932 on ncix, hence my choice, but I could get it for $90 if pm'd with newegg, $45 cheaper than the 932! Then I could just slap a 200mm on the side for $20.

Problems pm'ing with newegg? We need some input in here!

So many good deals on this week... Is the extra space, airflow and front usb 3 worth $80 more than the 922?

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