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Default NDA

I didn't sign NDA but I got an e-mail at 2:25pm... (well after I posted those pictures) stating that I shouldn't post pictures... silly me I assumed once I got the product they wouldn't have a problem with pictures as these things are live and "in the wild" now.... At any rate I've removed the pictures for now at Primochill's request...

I don't know that it's ugly per se... (I like the color orange)... but the quality issues and little things will make me be really curious when Danger Den comes out with their's in the next couple weeks on how the 2 compare. It's kind of sad that they left out some of the things that were really ingenious on the T3, like the channel where the fill ports are so that if you slightly overfilled it didn't spill... Also made it easy to bleed the system...

The DangerDen was is going to have built in LED's supposedly... but who knows... I'm going to start leak testing this guy tonight and we'll see what happens and how it works...

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