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Default T4 Pictures (In Orange)

Ok... here is the pics of my T4.... Can't wait to install it and see how it works.... Should note that I am somewhat disappointed in the quality of the labor... 1.) Acrylic front had paper on both front and back so from a QA standpoint they clearly are NOT leak testing these before sending them out.... 2.) Where they drilled in the fill/drain ports no sanding of the edges was done, mine in particular has some stringy plastic/delrin hanging down from one of the screw holes and these really need to be sanded... 3.) The inside of the smoked acrylic inside the T4 and the expansion chamber is scratched up on the inside, and I can see where a little too much glue was used putting the piece in place, not to mention I am going to be curious to see how this piece being acrylic holds up to the pressures of the expansion chamber of the pump...


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