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My System Specs


Originally Posted by Mr. Cipher View Post
Oh no! I have to take my MoBo out to prevent my computer from getting a safe 70% OC! 30 minutes of my life are gone... *cries*

Please note the sarcasm.

This was my favourite post from their comment board... " Anyone noticed the THG Award badges on the CNPS8700's box? It is funny AND ironic! " That was one of those that failed their test as well.
sarcasm noted. i feel the same. a 5 min install would be nice. and it would be great for rookies...but average joe isnt overclocking and requiring a new cooler, so new coolers shouldnt have to be made for avg-j to be able to install them easily imo.

and yeah thats cool, tasty irony there for sure..mmm

Originally Posted by b1lk1 View Post
I do not like how they are mounting the fan on the top of the heatsink blowing down towards the bottom of the motherboard. That is not how you would mount it in a case and since heat rises it could be effecting the results. Another vain attempt at credibility if you ask me. Most websites have rated the IF-14 poorly too. Gotta love it.....
yup. its a very 'flimsy' testing methodology they are using, with a lot of subjective, non-scientific data being taken too far into account. i still think they are going to pull out a blockbuster at the end and turn it into an advertisement/review for that thing...advereviewing...its like edutainment, but sucks to the power of 10 times worse.
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