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Originally Posted by Prof. Dr. Silver View Post
Hmmm...did you give the mail man extra cash? or Asus board arrived on the 11th of Feb...and still no one knows where it is.

Same for my BFG 8800GTS. It arrived on the 13th and they apparently had a little delay also!!!

Hope this gets resolved quickly. But if it doesn't I know already what went wrong: I didn't check out our own links page, before I send in my RMA's!!!

that sounds bad. i must be lucky, or xfx is good for this stuff. i sent my board out on wed last week, got a mail on monday saying it was recieved, then another one 4 hours alter saying it was through testing (result = faulty). 2 days later they sent me a fedex tracking number. right now its still in processing at the fedex in bloomington praying it comes home as fast as it got out there. i got a few pics of my old dead one ill have to post later...

good luck with your rmas dr. i hope things get sorted out. all i know about asus supoprt is from a friend of mine. he showed me the form they sent him to fill out (about 4 years ago now). at the bottom is said this exactly "thanks you for asus". that pretty much sums up his whole experience with them too i hope yours goes better.
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