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I have that kit. Haven't used it yet though but I'm planning to put together my WC in about a week. They look much neater than the stock mounting and I like the idea of having a back plate instead of putting all the mounting force on the mobo. Also apparently the springs are stronger so you get more mounting force and have stops built in so there's no guessing as to getting equal tension on each spring.

What I don't like is that it mounts using the screws on the corners of the block at the bottom. You have to take those screws out and use the supplied longer ones. what that means is that all the down force from the mounting springs is applied to the bit of screw that is in the delrin or acetal top so stripping one would be disastrous. Maybe I'm worrying about it too much as I don't know how easy that type of plastic is to strip out or what force it can take. I'm sure they would have done the research on this before though.
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