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Default Dragon Age: Origins, Crashing before the game even loads.

When I click "Start New Game" on the in game Menu the game goes to a loading bar loads to 15% then everything freezes. I have to hold down Ctrl+Alt+Del to get out as Alt+Tab does not work.

Once out of the game all there is on the desktop is the "Dragon Age: Origins has stopped working" message and that does nothing.

I have tried turning all the settings down the minimum, even though I doubt my computer couldn't run them at max but the game still crashes the exact same way.

I tried installing Drivers from instead of

I tried verifying integrity of game files on Steam.

I even tried running in compatibility mode for Windows vista SP2, even though this is a fairly new game so I don't know why that would help, just thought it would be worth a shot.

All of my other games work fine. Temps are fine when the crash happens..

I really have No Clue why this is happening.. anyone have any ideas?

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