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I've been working with an engineer, and friend of mine named John Dalton, who has graciously offered up some time to throw together a 3D mock-up.

He sent me off the first revision of his model today.

There are couple of minor errors, due to my vague explanations:
-In this model the motherboard backplate is flipped 180deg
-The SSD mounts are affixed to the side panels instead of the rads
-the motherboard tray is just floating in space.

They are such minor issues that I have no problem at all sharing some previews with you.
And John already agreed to rectify the issues for me on Monday.

Here's an ISO view with perspective.

Side view with perspective:

View of the back and side of the chassis.

A couple of detail shots of the bottom.

Note here how I managed to save some space by routering out some spots in the chassis and side-panel. These will allow for a couple extra millimeters for the pumps and PSU fan.

You can CLICK HERE for a live model preview which you can rotate around and navigate in 3D space.
Unfortunately this HTML export from SolidWorks is only supported by IE, and on PC.

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