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Using Adobe's Illustrator I created a couple rough perspective drawings, so that I could get a better idea of the concept in my head:
-At this point the plan was to construct the case in Aluminum.


After talking with the community and doing some more planning myself, I made some changes to the plan.
-Altered some of the chassis dimensions.
-Trashed the idea of stacked radiators.
-Relocated the pumps and reservoirs.
-Added a downward facing PSU fan, which would later be scrapped.
-Finalized the tubing layouts.
-Changed from 360MM radiators to 420mm
-Changed the fabrication material to Grade 38 Titanium

I again posted my designs for the community to critique and made some very minor alterations yet again.

At this point I was getting some really good feedback online and started putting it into practice.
-I redrew the entire design with new dimensions.
-Plotted the wiring paths.
-Refined the tubing layouts.
-Finalized the pump and reservoir positions

It was now that I decided to take my design and bring it into the physical plane. The medium I decided upon was cardboard and tape - the board I used is the same stuff one would use to matte pictures when framing.

REVISION 5.0, current and FINAL revision:
Happy with the prototype and the general concept, I decided it was time to finalize the plan and fix the little issues. This revision I've kept to myself until this now. I've made many very small changes to the plan.
-I again completely redrew the design, this time with 8MM thick paneling.
-I added small routered grooves where the panels fit together to better hide the seams.
-Altered the relationships of components and their positions.
-Finalized the design for the PSU cavity.
-Beveled all the edges of the cuts - to compensate for the diameter of the 1/8" cutting tool on the CNC router.
-I also swapped out the Titanium for a Carbon Fiber construction instead (I'm going to save the Titanium I acquired for another project down the road).

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