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Im still (as always) interested in writing for the forum... I suppose my recent Fractal write-up can be added to my list of mini-reviews I've so far (although not many on the staff commented on it).

Originally Posted by FiXT View Post
One idea I am really interested in, is if someone wants to do Game Reviews in video format, or in written format and be willing to coordinate with me to get it into video, that would be very cool.
This sounds like a really amazing idea, especially since I buy far too many games, and often. Also, i assume it would negate the requirement for a camera (since mine is not functioning at the moment). Oh, and I've been told I have a good voice by very reliable sources... Ask Sky/3.0Charlie/Anabioz/ etc etc. lol...

Originally Posted by FiXT View Post
Go through the same channels and discuss with SKY if that is of interest.
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