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Hey, I've looked into some of the headsets Jack linked me to (Prior to posting, too - I've been lurking the whole internet researching).
I'm running on the Auzen X-Plosion card, but it doesn't have a built-in headphone amp, so yeah, the PC350's are great but not ideal for me.
I can't find any of the higher end headphones such as the M50 anywhere in Canada, and the cheapest I can get it for is going to cost me the same as the PC350's would have.
I have qualms unassociated with sound preference with just about all the cans people have suggested to me (Costing a lot pre/post shipping, being open). I can't fit the Shures into my budget either, forgetting about shipping costs.
My budget is pretty small and that limits me, but I'm looking a bit into the SteelSeries 7H. They seem to be perfect, and Linus had done a review on them and said they easily go up against the HD 555's. They have a microphone and are made by a "gaming" company, and lots of people won't give them a chance due to that, however they're reportedly actually great for music. Any opinions on them?

You guys have been lots of help though, thanks!
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