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My System Specs


Originally Posted by Patramix View Post
well either i don't know how to OC the card or my bad luck with OC'ing video cards strikes me again, cant get the thing past the 875 mark without problems.

right now am at 875 with +20mv on the core, using afterburner, no matter how much voltage i give it, i cant seem to get past the 900mhz mark without furmark or kombustor crashing the drivers(258.96). and the ram wont seem to OC, tryed to bumb it up by 20 mhz and at 1850 the system locks up.

gona mess some more with it tomorrow.

I'm not sure why you're disappointed with those clocks. If you look out on the net, most cards are in the 800+ range, with 850 being a 'good' card. Anything over 860 is a great card. One of the cards I has does 888mhz on 'stock' volts. Thats a killer OC for 460's, so your 875mhz is nothing to sneeze at!
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