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My System Specs


Hey guys, first post on HWC ;o

I have the HAF X, and I just ordered my loop from Daz including a TFC Xchanger 360.
I'm at work currently or I'd post a pic of what I'm talking about.

To answer your first question: make sure your res filling top is closed and full and tip the case while it's running.

For mounting the rad:

Remove the 200mm stock fan from the top, my screws were insanely hard to get off and i stripped 2 and had to take them off with pliers.

The Xchanger came with 3 lengths of black screws. The way you mount the rad is by putting the longest screws (might be 30mm?) through the top of your 120x25mm fan, with the silicon pad underneath, into the two crossbar mountings in the HAF X. You can't secure them with the short screws unless you aren't mounting x3 120x25mm fans on top of the case, with the rad inside the case.

The problem here as you mentioned is the 3-5mm rise due to the weird nature of the mounting crossbar with indented holes. I'm thinking of cutting the silicon pad just at that point, because then the fan sits flush with these.

Either way I was only fitting the rad with 1 fan for initial setup and measuring my tube lengths. I will 100% post pics when I get everything finished! Also ordered a sleeving kit from MDPC ;o. So sexy.
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