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Default Need headset/headphones for Games/Music/Movies - PC350?

Hey. My dilemma is as such: I'm looking for an exceptionally well sounding headset for Music (Trance, Rock, Instrumental), Games and Movies (from most to least important, however all of these are important to me).
I have the PC350 ordered from NCIX and it is on backorder with an ETA of 1-2 weeks.
I have read reviews praising the PC350 as the perfect headset, and some reviews and posts saying they are absolutely overpriced, sound hollow and suck. Generally, everybody says the PC350 is more for gaming than music. I'm running off an AuzenTech X-Plosion sound card.

I need recommendations for a pair of good closed, circumaural analog cans that suit my needs (preferably with a mic, but not completely necessary if the headphones are worth the trade off).

A few of the headsets/headphones that stand out are,
SteelSeries Siberia V2
SteelSeries 7H
Sennheiser PC350 (Ordered, can cancel)

That's about it, I will greatly appreciate any suggestions.
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