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Originally Posted by wicko View Post
I have the Antec 900 case, and I've run into a problem: My 2nd video card is pointing directly at my PSU, so the fans are blowing hot air at each other.
ummm, the fans are blowing hot air at each other? Doesn't the PSU suck air in, and then exhaust it outside the case? Doesn't the GPU fan suck air in and cool the GPU/heatsink?

If anything, the PSU would suck the hot air from the GPU HSF, out of the case, wouldn't it? When i had my antec 900, i had the same setup, obviously. But, the temps were awesome.

Are you running all the Antec tri-cool fans it came with? Those are pretty good for the case's airflow already. Are you running stock CPU HSF?

I had a CM Hyper 212+, and it really helped move the air around. With the 200mm fan on top and (assuming) PSU sucking air out, you should have enough exhaust. The two intakes in the front should be enough also, so i'm not sure why your temps are so high.

What is the room temp? Need more info. Let us know.
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